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Imagery of the Week: Singapore F-16s in India’s West Bengal

Since the end of the Cold War, India’s ties with Singapore have steadily expanded along a two-pronged strategy focused on economic and military cooperation. Today’s imagery of the week comes from India’s state of West Bengal which exemplifies the evolution … Continue reading

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UAE adds at least 6 Patriot Sites during 2013-2015

Satellite imagery shows that the UAE has been busy in the lead up to the Iranian nuclear deal establishing new Patriot surface-to-air missile sites. And apparently, its armed forces have taken a page from the U.S. and deployed the system with … Continue reading

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Google Earth: Democratizing Image Intelligence in Syria and Beyond

by Galen Wright. June 2015 marked Google Earth’s 10th anniversary, which a number of writers marked with reflective essays. One theme was how quickly the program spilled over into the real-world. One writer described – for example – how rescue … Continue reading

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Rezension: „Die Rote Armee: Uniformen, Ausrüstung und Bewaffnung 1939-1945“

von Seka Smith. Seka Smith ist Politikwissenschaftlerin, lebt in Berlin und arbeitet im Politikbereich. Für schreibt sie unter Pseudonym. In den Wirren des russischen Bürgerkrieges gegründet, wurde die Rote Armee (Rabotschi krestjanskaja krasnaja armija) zum bewaffneten Rückgrat der Sowjetunion … Continue reading

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Coalition ISR Aircraft Supporting Iraq Ops

The recent imagery update available in Google Earth from June shows a French Navy Atlantique 2 (ATL-2) maritime patrol aircraft parked on the French ramp at Al Dhafra Airbase, UAE. France deployed the aircraft late last year to support strike … Continue reading

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Additional Saudi Deployments on Iraqi Border

The latest space snapshots of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s northern border region show additional construction activity to support the presence of its troops. With the current conflict in Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia has had no choice but to … Continue reading

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Iran Carrier Mockup Anchored off Bandar Abbas

Prior to signing the historic nuclear deal between the EU3+3 (P5+1) and Iran earlier this month, Iran’s propaganda piece, a mock-up of a U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, was moved outside the harbor of Bandar Abbas. Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe in June … Continue reading

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The ASEAN Fault Lines

by Paul Pryce. Paul Pryce is a Junior Research Fellow at the Atlantic Council of Canada. With degrees in political science from universities on both sides of the pond, he has previously worked in conflict resolution as a Research Fellow … Continue reading

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Pickaxes into plowshares? Two visions for development in the DR Congo

by Peter Dörrie (Homepage / Twitter). The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a rich land – in theory, at least. Below its soil lie some of the world’s largest reserves of copper, cobalt, tin, tantalum and considerable amounts of … Continue reading

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Journalismus über Militär und Krieg im digitalen Zeitalter

Von Thomas Wiegold. Wiegold ist ein deutscher Journalist, der über Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitspolitik, über die Bundeswehr, ihre Struktur, ihre Technik und ihre Einsätze schreibt. Von 1981 bis 1986 war Wiegold Korrespondent für die Deutsche Presse-Agentur, danach bis 1999 für Associated … Continue reading

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