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Imagery of the Week: Singapore F-16s in India’s West Bengal

Since the end of the Cold War, India’s ties with Singapore have steadily expanded along a two-pronged strategy focused on economic and military cooperation. Today’s imagery of the week comes from India’s state of West Bengal which exemplifies the evolution … Continue reading

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Russische Machtpolitik in Syrien

Der syrische Bürgerkrieg dauert nun schon seit rund 4,5 Jahren an und hat seine Wurzeln im Arabischen Frühling. Der Aufstand der Bevölkerung war mehr als berechtigt, herrschte Baschar al-Assad mit einem repressiven Sicherheitsapparat, welcher auch vor dem Foltern von Kindern … Continue reading

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Der Putsch in Burkina Faso und seine Folgen

von Peter Dörrie Am 17. Oktober stürmten Soldaten der Präsidialgarde eine Sitzung der Übergangsregierung Burkina Fasos. Unter dem Kommando von General Gilbert Diendéré nahmen sie Interimspräsidenten Michel Kafando, seinen Premierminister Issac Zida und sämtliche Mitglieder des Kabinetts gefangen. Diendéré erklärte … Continue reading

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Israel Worries About Russia’s Increased Role in Syria

by Paul Iddon. The recent build-up of Russian aircraft, anti-aircraft missiles and other military equipment in western Syria has given one regional country cause for concern — Israel. The nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 powers over the … Continue reading

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Google Earth: Democratizing Image Intelligence in Syria and Beyond

by Galen Wright. June 2015 marked Google Earth’s 10th anniversary, which a number of writers marked with reflective essays. One theme was how quickly the program spilled over into the real-world. One writer described – for example – how rescue … Continue reading

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Strategic rearmament of the Russian armed forces after end of the Cold War (2/2)

by Patrick Truffer. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs and completes a Master of Arts program in International Relations at the Freie Universität Berlin. In a two-part … Continue reading

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Confirmed: SU-25s Join Russia’s Flankers in Latakia

Satellite imagery acquired by Airbus of al-Assad International Airport shows new arrivals supporting Russia’s growing military presence. Space snapshots from 20SEPT15 show twelve SU-25 Frogfoot joining the four SU-30SM Flanker already parked at the airport, a location ten miles south of Syria’s Latakia. Earlier the SU-30SM … Continue reading

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The Pentagon Is Far From ‘Entrenched’ in Ukraine

by Joseph Trevithick, a freelance journalist and researcher. He is also a regular contributing writer at War is Boring and a Fellow at In response to Western criticism of actions in Ukraine, Russia has accused the United States of … Continue reading

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Vietnam Expands New Aircraft Support Apron

Located near the important deep-water port of Cam Ranh Bay, a new aircraft support apron has been recently added and expanded, satellite imagery confirms. Vietnam is currently engaged in a long delayed military modernization program. For obvious reasons, part of the … Continue reading

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Iran ISOICO Shipyard Imagery Update

The latest commercial satellite imagery shows some new developments at Iran’s ISOICO shipyard near Bostanu. In August, the Kharg (431) replenishment ship, which has been berthed at the shipyard since last November, was moved to the yard’s floating dry dock. Imagery … Continue reading

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