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Russia Has Crimea, But Its Military Could Suffer For it

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Crimea is now, for all intents and purposes, part of the Russian Federation. But the Feb. 27 invasion of the Ukrainian peninsula and its March 28 annexation is likely to do long-term damage to Russia’s efforts to … Continue reading

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Sea Control 25 – Crimean Crisis

After months of protests by Euromaidan and days of armed violence in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, the Ukrainian government was ousted and replaced by pro-European politicians headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk. His political positions stands against Russian influence in the … Continue reading

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Calculating Coups: Can Data Stop Disasters?

by Peter Dörrie (original published in German, English version first published on ThinkAfricaPress). Statistical forecasting isn’t perfect but it’s always getting better. The international community should sit up and listen because it could help save lives. In March 2012, junior … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the month: The Russian Bear

As Viktor Yanukovych gets safe haven in Russia, the Russian bear is using its military might to secure its interests in Ukraine. Taking control of the Crimea peninsula might only be the beginning of a campaign to reinstate a pro-Russian … Continue reading

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Fast Response Not Necessarily the Best in Crimea

Yesterday, we published “Ukraine: NATO Should Block the Bosporus and Assure its Allies” by Felix F. Seidler, who argues for a hard line in response of the Russian occupation of the Crimea. To give the readers of a second, … Continue reading

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Ukraine: NATO Should Block the Bosporus and Assure its Allies

by Felix F. Seidler. Felix is a fellow at the Institute for Security Policy, University of Kiel, Germany and runs the site Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik“. This article was published there at first The times for good-will diplomacy are over. In response, … Continue reading

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Ist die Zentralafrikanische Republik über den Berg?

von Peter Dörrie General Francisco Soriano, der Befehlshaber der französischen Operation Sangaris in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik ist optimistisch. Die französischen Soldaten hätten die Gewalt in dem Staat seit dem Einsatzbeginn im Dezember “drastisch reduziert”, wird er in der Jeune Afrique … Continue reading

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Russia’s Crimea Invasion Follows Decades of Perceived Humiliation

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea last week has shocked Westerners who find this military intimidation of a smaller neighbor all very reprehensible. “You just don’t in the twenty-first century behave in nineteenth-century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped … Continue reading

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Die Krim: Putins historische Chance

von Seka Smith. Seka Smith ist Politikwissenschaftlerin, lebt in Berlin und arbeitet im Politikbereich. Für schreibt sie unter Pseudonym. Der gegenwärtige Konflikt bietet dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin die historische und wohl einmalige Chance die Krim unter die Kontrolle … Continue reading

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Satellite Imagery Confirms Iran’s Fifth Moudge Class

By Chris B. Iran is in the process of starting another Moudge class vessel, its fifth in the series, despite making little progress fitting out the Sahand — another Moudge class launched at Bander Abbas in September 2012. In spite … Continue reading

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