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The Hashd: a danger for the Iraqi state or an opportunity for a future interreligious, multiethnic National Guard?

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He is a student in the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program at Boston College and a reporter for War Is Boring. He focuses on the relationship between Islam and conflict in Syria and Sudan. Many analysts have … Continue reading

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Deutschlands Beitrag im Kampf gegen den Islamischen Staat – ein Kommentar

von Seka Smith. Seka Smith ist Politikwissenschaftlerin, lebt in Berlin und arbeitet im Politikbereich. Für schreibt sie unter Pseudonym. Es brauchte wohl leider die fürchterlichen Anschläge in Paris vom 13. November 2015, damit sich Angela Merkel (CDU) endlich für … Continue reading

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Will Iraq’s new F-16’s police the ‘One Iraq’ policy?

by Paul Iddon. The Iraqi government is really insistent that if any armed groups in the country want guns — the Kurds, mainly — they must go through Baghdad first. Now Iraq is getting the means to enforce that policy through … Continue reading

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French Fighters Target Islamic State Revenue

“We intervened in Syria… yesterday evening with a strike on an oil supply center near Deir Ezzor on the border between Iraq and Syria,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced today. Given the location of the strikes, it’s likely … Continue reading

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Could an Independent Iraqi Kurdistan Defend Itself?

by Paul Iddon. This article was republished by the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) at the ETH Zurich on November 3, 2015. Additionally, the article was translated into Persian by Reza Arab, a former student activist and secretary of … Continue reading

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Bombardiert von türkischen Kampfflugzeugen

von Vager Saadullah. Vager Saadullah (Twitter / Facebook) ist ein kurdischer Journalist und Editor in Dohuk, Irak. Er absolviert einen Masterstudiengang in Internationale Beziehungen an der Girne American University in Zypern. Übersetzung: Die gebirgige Grenze zwischen der Autonome Region … Continue reading

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Coalition ISR Aircraft Supporting Iraq Ops

The recent imagery update available in Google Earth from June shows a French Navy Atlantique 2 (ATL-2) maritime patrol aircraft parked on the French ramp at Al Dhafra Airbase, UAE. France deployed the aircraft late last year to support strike … Continue reading

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Iraqis argue over war strategy

by Dr. Hauke ​​Feickert, lecturer at the Centrum für Nah- und Mittelost-Studien (CNMS) at Philipps University Marburg (original published in German). Before a military offensive is launched against the Caliphate metropolis, Mosul, Iraqi forces must capture several IS strongholds on … Continue reading

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Türkei – der halbe Verbündete gegen den IS

Der Anschlag im Amara-Kulturzentrum im mehrheitlich von Kurden bewohnten Suruç am Montag 20. Juli 2015 kann womöglich als Wendepunkt in der türkischen Haltung gegenüber der Terrororganisation “Islamischer Staat” (IS), aber auch gegenüber der PKK und der PYD/YPG aufgefasst werden (sowohl … Continue reading

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Additional Saudi Deployments on Iraqi Border

The latest space snapshots of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s northern border region show additional construction activity to support the presence of its troops. With the current conflict in Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia has had no choice but to … Continue reading

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