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Sea Control 26 – New Podcast Series Party

With episode #26, Matthew Hipple introduces two new monthly series: Sea Control Europe/Britain (starting April 7) and Sea Control Asia-Pacific (starting April 21). Sea Control Europe/Britain will be hosted by Alexander Clarke, Principal Researcher of the Phoenix Think Tank, who … Continue reading

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Russia Has Crimea, But Its Military Could Suffer For it

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Crimea is now, for all intents and purposes, part of the Russian Federation. But the Feb. 27 invasion of the Ukrainian peninsula and its March 28 annexation is likely to do long-term damage to Russia’s efforts to … Continue reading

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V. Sicherheitspolitische Verlosung

Deutsch (click here for the English version) Zwischen dem 17.-24. März 2014 führen, die Facebook-Seiten “Sicherheitspolitik” und Army HQ mit Unterstützung von “Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik“, “Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitik“, #carbine und CIMSEC eine weitere sicherheitspolitische Verlosung durch. Dieses Mal beschäftigen wir … Continue reading

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Sea Control 25 – Crimean Crisis

After months of protests by Euromaidan and days of armed violence in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, the Ukrainian government was ousted and replaced by pro-European politicians headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk. His political positions stands against Russian influence in the … Continue reading

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Collaboration or Contention? Military Involvement in the Humanitarian Sphere

by Sandra Ivanov. Sandra Ivanov is from New Zealand with a postgraduate education in Peace and Conflict Studies. She is currently an editor of the blog “Conflict and Security“, and primarily works in the non-government sector. You can find her … Continue reading

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Project Liberty Decision May Affect Many More Aircraft

by Joseph Trevithick, a freelance writer and researcher. He is also a contributing writer at War is Boring and a Fellow at The U.S. Air Force has announced its intention to transfer the MC-12W Liberty from Air Combat Command … Continue reading

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Calculating Coups: Can Data Stop Disasters?

by Peter Dörrie (original published in German, English version first published on ThinkAfricaPress). Statistical forecasting isn’t perfect but it’s always getting better. The international community should sit up and listen because it could help save lives. In March 2012, junior … Continue reading

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Sea Control 24 – DEF[X] Annapolis

On 1 March 2014, innovators and entrepreneurs came together to the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF[X]) in Annapolis to generate new ideas and innovative solutions for the US military. Claude Berube, Instructor at United States Naval Academy, and Michael Madrid, Midshipman … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the month: The Russian Bear

As Viktor Yanukovych gets safe haven in Russia, the Russian bear is using its military might to secure its interests in Ukraine. Taking control of the Crimea peninsula might only be the beginning of a campaign to reinstate a pro-Russian … Continue reading

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Fast Response Not Necessarily the Best in Crimea

Yesterday, we published “Ukraine: NATO Should Block the Bosporus and Assure its Allies” by Felix F. Seidler, who argues for a hard line in response of the Russian occupation of the Crimea. To give the readers of a second, … Continue reading

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