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Deutsche Waffen für “kurdischen Sicherheitskräfte”

Auch wenn die Deutsche Bundesregierung zur Lieferung von Waffen an die “kurdischen Sicherheitskräfte” (was damit auch immer gemeint ist; siehe auch Kamal Chomani, “Unerwartete Allianz der KRG und PKK im gemeinsamen Kampf gegen IS“, Kurdische Nachrichten, 22.08.2014) keine Zustimmung des … Continue reading

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Sea Control 49 – General Robert Scales (Ret.) on Firepower

Matthew Hipple produced another very interesting episode of Sea Control. He discusses the topic “firepower” with retired U.S. Army major-general and former commandant of the U.S. Army War College Robert H. “Bob” Scales Jr. After his retirement, he worked as … Continue reading

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Schweizer Kampfjets – Filz, Skandale und Abstürze

Wer sich mit der Schweizer Militärgeschichte beschäftigt, der wird mit einigen – aus heutiger Sicht – eher erstaunlichen Eigenheiten konfrontiert. Da wäre beispielsweise das Reduit und die auch nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg noch gebauten Festungsanlagen; oder das Schweizer Kernwaffenprogramm und … Continue reading

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The vulnerability of post-heroic societies

by Hans Bachofner. Bachofner, born in 1931, received his doctorate in law from the University of Zurich. As a career army officer, he ultimately became Chief of Staff of Operational Training with the rank of Major General and was a … Continue reading

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Israel is Fighting a New War of Attrition

by Robert Beckhusen. Robert Beckhusen is a freelance writer who contributes regularly at War is Boring. He’s also written for publications including C4ISR Journal, Wired, The Daily Beast and World Politics Review. You can follow him on Twitter. If anyone expected Israel’s war with Hamas to end … Continue reading

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The Korean Quandary: Defence Reform

by Paul Pryce. Paul Pryce is a Junior Research Fellow at the Atlantic Council of Canada. With degrees in political science from universities on both sides of the pond, he has previously worked in conflict resolution as a Research Fellow … Continue reading

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Weiterentwicklung der Armee (WEA): Update 01

Über den Inhalt der Weiterentwicklung der Armee (WEA) haben wir bereits in einem früheren Artikel informiert. Mit der gescheiterten Abstimmung über den Fonds zur Beschaffung des Kampfflugzeugs Gripen E kam jedoch auch dieses Geschäft etwas ins Stottern. Die Botschaft zur … Continue reading

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EU’s New Maritime Strategy is a Failure

by Felix F. Seidler. Felix is a fellow at the Institute for Security Policy, University of Kiel, Germany and runs the site Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik“. This article was published there at first. Since June 24, the EU has a new Maritime … Continue reading

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Sea Control 46 & 47: Indonesia Primer & British vs. American Surface Warfare Officers

Last week, I was job-related occupied and had no time to review the newest episodes of Sea Control. Thus, I will review in this article the latest two. On 9 July 2014, the 3rd Indonesian presidential election was held. Voters … Continue reading

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Personal Theories of Power: The Defense Industrial Base

by Mikhail Grinberg. He is an aerospace and defense strategy consultant in Washington DC. This article is part of the Personal Theories of Power series, a joint Bridge-CIMSEC project which asked a group of national security professionals to provide their … Continue reading

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