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Paranoid Russia is Creating Enemies Everywhere

Russia’s bellicosity in recent months appears to be prompting its neighbors to deepen cooperation between one another and with the West, creating the very threat to Russian security the country saw in the first place. It is this unfounded Russian … Continue reading

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Islamic State Alone Won’t Bring Iran, Saudi Arabia Together

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria might have given Iran and Saudi Arabia a common enemy but that alone is unlikely to put a stop to their cold war. Just after the foreign ministers of both countries met in … Continue reading

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America Has Itself to Blame for Europe’s Weakness

Last Monday, published an article about Europe’s weakness. In his article, Sid Lukkassen focused his remarks on a socialisation of men in Europe which was influenced by feminism. The article thus provided some impetus for a critical discussion (see … Continue reading

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Why Won’t Putin Just Let Ukraine Go?

Russian president Vladimir Putin stands to gain little from continuing to incite rebellion in Ukraine. But having framed his actions there as coming to the defense of ethnic Russians, it is difficult for him to back down. With Ukraine’s government … Continue reading

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We Didn’t Start the Future: NATO Expansion Not to Blame for Ukraine Crisis

Russian president Vladimir Putin and his defenders like to cite NATO’s eastward expansion following the end of the Cold War as a justification for his recent annexation of the Crimea and continued stirring of unrest in Ukraine. While there is … Continue reading

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Federalization No Magic Bullet for Ukraine’s Crisis

If Russian officials are to be believed, all Ukraine has to do to stave off further Russian aggression is federalize the state. Give the eastern regions, with their Russian-speaking minorities, a greater say in how they are governed and there … Continue reading

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Rational Actors Don’t Always Make the Decisions We Would

When countries act in ways Westerners find confusing, it’s easy to regard their behavior as irrational. Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear capacity and Russia’s recent invasion and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea are cases in point. Both have incurred high costs … Continue reading

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Russia’s Crimea Invasion Follows Decades of Perceived Humiliation

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea last week has shocked Westerners who find this military intimidation of a smaller neighbor all very reprehensible. “You just don’t in the twenty-first century behave in nineteenth-century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped … Continue reading

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Whatever Germany’s Global Ambitions, Its Interests Lie Close to Home

Germany’s new coalition government says it is willing to take on more responsibility for peacekeeping around the world. But its interests lie closer to home. “Europe can’t leave France on its own” in the Central African Republic, said Frank-Walter Steinmeier, … Continue reading

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The World is Still Becoming More Peaceful

With the civil war in Syria due to enter its third year and violence breaking out in the Central African Republic and South Sudan, it may be hard to think of the world as a particularly peaceful place at the … Continue reading

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