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The largest-caliber mortar system in the world is shelling cities in Syria and Ukraine (1/2)

by Sébastien Roblin. He holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and served as a university instructor for the Peace Corps in China. He has also worked in education, editing, and refugee resettlement in France and the … Continue reading

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52. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz – Teil 2: Der chaotische Nahe Osten

Zwischen dem 12. und dem 14. Februar 2016 fand die 52. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz statt. Es ist eine der wichtigsten sicherheitspolitischen Konferenzen während des Jahres. Sie wurde in einer umfassenden Studie der University of Pennsylvania erneut als beste “Think Tank Conference” … Continue reading

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From Kabul to Damascus

by Paul Iddon. Not long after a small contingent of Russian troops and warplanes touched on Syrian soil did articles appear talking about the prospect of “Putin’s Afghanistan“, “another Afghanistan” for Moscow, which sought to explain why the Kremlin’s intervention in Syria … Continue reading

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Vice News – Afghanistan: What We’re Leaving Behind

After 13 years Britain and the United States officially ended their combat operation in Afghanistan on October 26, 2014. Britain and the United States handed over their last base in Afghanistan – Camp Bastion and Camp Leatherneck in the southern … Continue reading

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SWJ Book Review: The Lieutenant Don’t Know

by Jeong Lee, a freelance writer. This article was originally posted at Small Wars Journal and is cross-posted with permission. Since 9/11, many war memoirs have chronicled the collective experiences of the fighting men who fought and bled in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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The U.S. Better Get Used to China’s Growing Role in Afghanistan

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The deadline for U.S. forces to leave Afghanistan is approaching at the end of 2014. But whether American troops leave completely or keep a smaller force, China is expected to play an increasing role in the Afghan … Continue reading

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Abzug aus Afghanistan

von Philipp Hauenstein MA UZH, wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere (VSN). Dieser Artikel wurde im Bulletin 4 (2013) der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere veröffentlicht. Aktuell sind in Afghanistan 50 Staaten mit einer Truppenstärke von ca. 87 000 Mann vertreten. Bis … Continue reading

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Film Review: Lone Survivor

Small Wars Journal Film Review by Jeong Lee: Lone Survivor This review was originally published on Small Wars Journal and is cross-posted by permission. Of late, many films on Special Operations Forces (SOFs) have been released that either mythologize the elite warriors or … Continue reading

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The United States Should Rethink Power-Projection Abroad

by Jeong Lee. Jeong Lee is a freelance writer and a Contributing Analyst for Wikistrat’s Asia-Pacific Desk. Lee’s writings on U.S. defense and foreign policy issues and inter-Korean affairs have appeared on various online publications including East Asia Forum, the … Continue reading

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The Folly of Forgotten Wars: Rediscovering Afghanistan

As the metal-tread wheels of personnel carriers scraped across the border, an army’s last soldier traversed “Friendship Bridge” into Uzbekistan. Around noon, with local press in attendance, the Lt. General uttered only a few words: “There is not a single … Continue reading

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