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Taliban Diplomacy

The Taliban has opened a new embassy-like office in Qatar ahead of peace talks that are supposed to begin soon. They are brutal dudes who all look a little rough, but I must say their embassy-in-exile is quite elegant. Flying … Continue reading

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The Pakistani Godfather: The Inter-Services Intelligence and the Afghan Taliban 1994-2010 (1/4)

by Dr. Adrian Hänni and Lukas Hegi. Alongside the Americans, Pakistan plays a key role in the “war against terrorism” and against the insurgents in Afghanistan. The country receives huge financial and military aid. Nevertheless, this support could not improve … Continue reading

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By the Numbers: Independent Afghan Security Forces

by DAVID AXE It’s conventional wisdom in U.S. military policy circles that Afghanistan’s security forces, specifically its national army and police, have become hopelessly dependent on the U.S.-led coalition for training, logistical and air support and battlefield leadership. But the … Continue reading

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Americans, Afghans and Battlefield Agility

by DAVID AXE April 23, Zari district, southern Afghanistan. The U.S. Army’s 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3-41 Infantry — part of the Texas-based 1st Brigade of the 1st Armored Division — is setting up a patrol base for a two-day … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Influence of the U.S. Drone War in Pakistan on the “War on Terror”

by Ralf Büsser. Ralf grew up in Appenzell, Switzerland. He studies International Relations at the University of St. Gallen with Focus on Security Policy. While Ralf was in Washington DC for six months, he could gain further insights into the … Continue reading

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‘Dronestagram’ Chonicles Robot Strikes in Photos

by DAVID AXE After 11 years of remote warfare including no fewer than 1,000 drone strikes, a 32-year-old London artist has begun chronicling the targets of U.S. robotic attacks on the photo-sharing service Instagram. According to creator James Bridle, “Dronestagram” … Continue reading

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Internationale Jagdsaison: gezielte Tötungen und das Völkerrecht (2/2)

Im ersten Teil wurde die Frage aufgeworfen, ob die Terrorismusbekämpfung primär eine militärische oder polizeiliche Aufgabe darstellt. Von den Staaten, die gezielte Tötungen anwenden, wurde Israel als erstes Fallbeispiel betrachtet. Im zweiten Teil wird das Fallbeispiel USA behandelt, wobei der … Continue reading

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Drone Mishap Draws Risky Air Strike

by DAVID AXE Potentially hundreds of bystanders nearly perished when a suspected U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone fired a missile over North Waziristan in Pakistan’s restive northwest near the border with Afghanistan last week. The drone’s target? Another suspected U.S. robotic … Continue reading

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Afghanistan’s Leadership Problem

by DAVID AXE Afghan security forces will take over as U.S.-led international troops gradually withdraw from Afghanistan through 2014. At least that’s the plan. Poor leadership could undermine Afghan efforts to secure their own country. “There’s a gross lack of … Continue reading

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ISAF, Afghan Taliban Forge Unlikely Alliance in Key Border Town

by DAVID AXE PAKTIKA, Afghanistan — The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan has an unusual new strategy for defeating the Taliban in one key eastern town: join them. In Marzak, a Kharoti-tribe village of just a few thousand people in northern … Continue reading

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