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Amman the Arbiter: Why Jordan is the perfect state to bridge a compromise in Syria

by Paul Iddon. Shortly after Russia’s military deployment to Syria, the Jordanians agreed to Russian offers to establish a “special working mechanism” in Amman for military coordination in Syria — a country in which both have interests, some of which diverge. … Continue reading

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French Fighters Target Islamic State Revenue

“We intervened in Syria… yesterday evening with a strike on an oil supply center near Deir Ezzor on the border between Iraq and Syria,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced today. Given the location of the strikes, it’s likely … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Infographic about the Russian Intervention in Syria

by Louis Martin-Vézian of CIGeography (Facebook / Twitter). Louis, thank you very much for your time-consuming research and all the work, which you have dedicated to this project. Important: The version below was updated October 28, 2015 (BREM-K, Kamaz 6350, … Continue reading

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Russian power politics in Syria

Dieser Artikel ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar. The Syrian civil war has been going on for about 4.5 years and has its roots in the Arab Spring. The population, ruled by Bashar al-Assad with his repressive security forces – which … Continue reading

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From Kabul to Damascus

by Paul Iddon. Not long after a small contingent of Russian troops and warplanes touched on Syrian soil did articles appear talking about the prospect of “Putin’s Afghanistan“, “another Afghanistan” for Moscow, which sought to explain why the Kremlin’s intervention in Syria … Continue reading

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Russische Machtpolitik in Syrien

This article is also available in English. Der syrische Bürgerkrieg dauert nun schon seit rund 4,5 Jahren an und hat seine Wurzeln im Arabischen Frühling. Der Aufstand der Bevölkerung war mehr als berechtigt, herrschte Baschar al-Assad mit einem repressiven Sicherheitsapparat, … Continue reading

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Google Earth: Democratizing Image Intelligence in Syria and Beyond

by Galen Wright. June 2015 marked Google Earth’s 10th anniversary, which a number of writers marked with reflective essays. One theme was how quickly the program spilled over into the real-world. One writer described – for example – how rescue … Continue reading

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Confirmed: SU-25s Join Russia’s Flankers in Latakia

Satellite imagery acquired by Airbus of al-Assad International Airport shows new arrivals supporting Russia’s growing military presence. Space snapshots from 20SEPT15 show twelve SU-25 Frogfoot joining the four SU-30SM Flanker already parked at the airport, a location ten miles south of Syria’s Latakia. Earlier the SU-30SM … Continue reading

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Türkei – der halbe Verbündete gegen den IS

Der Anschlag im Amara-Kulturzentrum im mehrheitlich von Kurden bewohnten Suruç am Montag 20. Juli 2015 kann womöglich als Wendepunkt in der türkischen Haltung gegenüber der Terrororganisation “Islamischer Staat” (IS), aber auch gegenüber der PKK und der PYD/YPG aufgefasst werden (sowohl … Continue reading

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RAF Akrotiri Deployments Update

Recent imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe during April 2015 confirms ongoing deployments to RAF Akrotiri, the UK’s airbase located in Cyprus. The southeast section of the airfield shows several new arrivals probably supporting Operation Shader, the UK’s anti-IS effort. In addition to … Continue reading

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